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  • Lasting quality

    For generations, Dextro Energy has been synonymous with dextrose. Generations of schoolchildren, working professionals and athletes have relied on Dextro Energy to boost performance.
    Communications and packaging design surrounding Dextro Energy have evolved over the decades. But what the Dextro Energy brand promises has remained the same over all that time: Dextro Energy – instant, natural energy to promote concentration and performance.

    Lasting quality
  • 1927


    How it all started

    It all started with a white powder introduced at pharmacies under the "Dextrose Purum" or "nutritive sugar" names.

  • 1929

    Creation of a brand

    This nutritive sugar is given a brand name: Dextropur. Doctors prescribe Dextropur for its scientifically proven strengthening effects, and pharmacies dispense it by prescription.

  • 1935


    Now also in cube form

    In 1935, Dextro Energen was launched in cube form via specialized retailers. Originally designed merely as a supplement to Dextropur, the cubes quickly became a bestseller. At the 1936 Olympics, in Berlin, Dextro Energen was the "official competition food."

  • 1968

    Now also in lemon flavor

    A cube with the refreshing taste of lemon was added to the range in 1968 – and remains to this day.

  • 1972


    Dextro Energen at the Munich Olympics

    Dextro Energen was the "official competition food" at the Munich Olympics in 1972. After all, wherever top athletic performance is called for, Dextro Energen is a must.

  • 1992

    Now also in stick form

    Dextro Energen continues its growth, launching a new product innovation: sticks, packed with 47 grams of instant energy and enriched with essential vitamins.

  • 1998


    Time for Minis

    A new innovation: mini tablets in a reclosable box. These little energy boosters can be taken out individually, and just like their larger cousins, they provide a fast, instant energy boost.

  • 2002

    Dextro Energen becomes Dextro Energy

    The brand continues to evolve, adopting a new name as part of a push for greater internationalization.

  • 2004


    Energie in bar form

    A contemporary addition to the product range: energy-rich glucose, combined with other healthy carbohydrates.

  • 2009

    Dextro Energy Triathlon

    Dextro Energy became the principal and title sponsor of the new Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Series.

  • 2010


    Developed by experienced athletes

    Dextro Energy presents Dextro Energy Sports Nutrition: a compact range of sports nutrition products that promote performance in endurance sports, quickly and on a targeted basis.

  • 2012

    The freshness kick for mind and spirit

    Dextro Energy Mintz combines refreshing, invigorating peppermint and concentration-boosting glucose in a unique drop form.

  • 2014


    NEU: Dextro Energy Wickie

    Two classics in one! The new Dextro Energy "Wickie" Minis, in apple and strawberry flavor, pack all the punch of their little Viking mascot.

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